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XPT is a leading service provider in semiconductor space and deliver complete  end-to-end as well as individual solutions on ASIC and FPGA to it’s esteemed customers in the Wireless, Communications, Consumer, Automotive, Networking & Defence domains. XPT’s ASIC expertise spans across 180 nm, 130 nm, 90 nm, 65 nm, 45 nm & 28nm technology nodes.

FPGA Design & Development

XPT offers services in traditional FPGA flows as well as using its ASIC methodologies to enhance the overall quality of the FPGA based design. FPGA design services includes RTL development, functional verification using native & third  party simulators, synthesis of the design to target FPGA using native & third  party synthesizers. Real time testing of the design on the board using test and measurement equipments likes logic analyzer & oscilloscope.

XPT Offerings

  • ASIC Prototyping on FPGA platform (Altera or Xilinx)
  • FPGA technology selection
  • Define design partition strategy across multiple FPGAs
  • Define Reset handling
  • Multiple clock domains handling
  • Wrapper development
  • FPGA end to end product development
  • Feasibility Analysis of Product Feature list
  • Architecture definition of FPGA based system
  • Design, development & debug on FPGA platform
  • System firmware development
  • Board design and development
  • Board bring up

Expertise Highlight

  • Silicon Validation
  • System Validation
  • Design IP Development
  • Verification of IP Development
  • Synthesis/Layout/Timing & DFT

Silicon Validation                                         

XPT offers pre silicon validation services and post silicon validation services to chip vendors in order to achieve 100% bug-free silicon before releasing it for mass production or shipping to end customers.

XPT Offerings

  • Validation
  • Board level Silicon Validation
  • Validation using Hardware Accelerators and Emulators – Axis, EVE,                       
  • ARM based System Validation
  • DSP based System Validation
  • FPGA based Validation
  • Processor based System Validation
  • Hardware Software Co-verification
  • ASIC Validation
  • SoC Validation              
  • Bring up and Prototyping
  • Chip Bring-up,
  • ASIC Prototyping using FPGA
  • SoC Prototyping
  • FPGA Prototyping using platforms such as HAPS

System Validation

Most of the semiconductor companies are under immense pressure due to small time to market window available for introducing their products. Customers want the system-on-chip readily working in their products so they need to go one step beyond and provide a functional demo of their SoC that looks like the final product. This requires proper evaluation of board and a demo application integration of the SoC and the firmware on the evaluation board. The system validation plays a key role during this phase by discovering the defects in the system and also helping in providing firmware fixes for the minor defects in the silicon.  Our expertise in this area includes ARM based system validation, DSP based system validation, Processor based system validation, and FPGA system validation. Our thorough system level testing and debugging will enable customers to maximize on the quality of their overall product

XPT Offerings

  • Validation
  • Functional validation
  • Hardware / Software integration
  • Board bring-up
  • Coverage Driven Validation
  • Randomization
  • Assertion based Validation
  • Reliability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Load & stress testing
  • Thermal validation
  • Inter-operability

Design IP Development

XPT provides ASIC IP Evaluation, Design IP Selection, Design IP Verification, Design IP Enhancement and Maintenance Services as a part of Design IP core development. Design IP can be used to overcome the productivity gap and time-to-market pressure in SoC design cycle. Over the years, XPT has built a high level of expertise in Digital ASIC Intellectual Property development. XPT has comprehensive experience in all aspects of SIP development including definition, architecture design, algorithm development, RTL coding, verification, synthesis, FPGA implementation and testing.

XPT Offerings

  • Product Development and turnkey solutions in the Digital Design IP Core domains
  • Video processing IPs
  • Peripheral IPs
  • Memory interface IPs, and bus protocol IPs.
  • The design entry of these Semiconductor IP cores is done in Verilog HDL. These are fully synthesized IP cores, designed to be optimal in terms of power, speed and which can be easily integrated with any third party IP and SOC platform to reduce the development area and are tested on Xilinx / Altera  FPGAs.

Verification IP Development

Collating our expertise in ASIC design verification, advanced verification methodologies, and EDA verification tool flows, XPT actively builds and supports Verification IP products. XPT offers a host of Verification IPs of standard interfaces for various industries including Consumer Electronics, Mobile & Wireless, Computer & Networking, Telecommunication, and Storage.

Our verification components are modular, reusable, configurable, scalable, interoperable and plug-and-play verification solutions that will dramatically reduce time to market for designs and ensure first time correct silicon. Our Verification IP solutions enable customers to rapidly build verification environments for module, chip and complex SoCs.XPT offers a host of Verification IPs of standard interfaces for various industries including Consumer Electronics, Mobile & Wireless, Computer & Networking, Telecommunication, and Storage.

XPT Offerings

  • Verification IP development Services
  • VMM based verification IP
  • OVM based verification IP
  • UVM based verification IP
  • eRM based verification IP (eVC using eRM)
  • Verification IP using HVLs such as SystemVerilog
  • Vera, Specmane, and Tool independent verification IP




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