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Application Development

XPT’s Application Development practice operates with the philosophy of partnering with the customer to maximize their applications ROI.  The practice leverages our product engineering heritage to build cutting-edge applications to meet customer's changing business requirements. The shifting market trends and priorities for outsourcing Application Development have led most of the service providers to change their strategies to adapt the changing market ecosystem. Business Differentiation, time-to-market and flexibility are some the few trends that are presently driving Application Development market.

Application Services are core to our strategy and is among the largest contributors of XPT’s revenues from selected verticals like Financial Services, Hi-Tech and Manufacturing, Retail & Consumer, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences & Healthcare and other emerging verticals. Our Application Development philosophy takes vigor from our proven Product engineering processes, Functional Expertise, Rapid Relationship Environment, Governance models.XPT offers full Lifecycle Application Development services starting from requirements assurance to application definition, application design and pilot run, and from application building and testing to implementation/roll-out and support. Our matured Quality Management System and IPs create a solid foundation for delivering world class Application Development Lifecycle services.

Business Benefits

XPT’s Application Development practice gives advantages like  Application Performance improvement, Risk Management, independent blue print with 90% standardization 30% Lower TCO,Protection of investment – validation of architecture, Robustness of Application, Scalability and Flexibility & Budgetary benefits

Key Differentiators

 Lesser Field Reported Defects than Industry Average

 XPT Productivity is higher than Industry Average Closer to Best in Class

 Less Staffing Required (FTE) than Industry Average to manage similar projects

 Time-to-Market for XPT Projects matches the Best in Class

 Six sigma based developmental standards

Application Migration

Application Migration & Modernization

Organizations have over the years built systems that provide capability rather than address their business need. This has given rise to Aging Systems-Not able to assess the effort, impact and risk of the applications, Islands of Skills-not able to bridge skill gap and stay current, Poorly Integrated Systems-Not bringing value as they are siloed applications, Inefficient Applications-Not able to free up capacity to handle more workload. XPT’s Application Modernization service are modeled to address these challenges of the legacy systems. XPT’s Application Modernization service focuses on addressing your business challenges in maintaining legacy applications through our “Assess-Modernize-Maintain” (AMM) methodology.


In depth assessment of the current application portfolio to understand your business drivers and objectives for application modernization. The assess phase will provide the current state analysis and recommendations on the future roadmap.


Flexible execution approaches for modernizing your applications based on your business demand and need.


Our robust and mature “Operate-Optimize-Transform” approach will provide you with the necessary tools and processes to support and maintain your applications. This will give you access to the latest technologies and models. 

Key Capabilities

Consulting Led Modernization

Our structured and proven Due Diligence approach provides you with the right inputs to evaluate the best approach for modernization.

Support Led Modernization

Our “Transition2Transformation” approach improves your organizations’ ability to respond to their market demands and stay current.

Business Value

Our modernization methodology brings the following value:

5-20% overall reduction in the effort for analysis of the legacy systems

Standardized output of blueprints and design models and reverse engineering artifacts

Platform agnostic blueprint for modernization

Flexible approaches for modernization

Increased reusability of the applications ensures reduced impact and risks of the investments already made on the   aged systems

Application Intelligence and effective traceability of functional and technical artifacts of the legacy and modernized applications

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