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Wireline Technologies


Broadband Networks

XPT specializes in testing network components and topologies, helping to ensure reliability and QoE in broadband access networks. Broadband needs many protocols and devices to work in tandem to provide reliable customer Internet access, especially when launching out new services that take larger and larger amounts of bandwidth. XPT is better known for its expertise in broadband testing solutions.

XPT offerings

  • Hybrid Fiber Coaxial: Cable TV and modems
  • Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL)
  • Broadband Power Line ( BPL)
  • Fiber to Home/Curb

Switching and Routing

XPT offers design and testing services which include Unmanaged and Managed Ethernet Services.

XPT Offering

  • Port Trunking and VLAN
  • Testing Protocols like SNMP STP RSTP MSTP IGMP, QoS Tests
  • Link Aggregation and Trunking, RIP OSPF Tests

Layer 2 to Layer 7

XPT  offers Testing of Applications which allows users to generate exceptionally high volumes of valid application test traffic with unprecedented control of the traffic mix from Layer 2 to Layer 7, ensuring the most realistic testing of system performance under stress, measure network and data centre performance, security and stability, measure the performance of massive virtualized infrastructures in the face of peak user load and attack, and validate the accuracy and performance of Lawful Intercept and Data Loss Prevention systems

Network Security

XPT offers test services for testing Network Security.XPT is involved in measuring the DUT capabilities to detect and mitigate the TCP SYN flooding attacks and measure the key metrics like security effectiveness, resistance to evasion, detection accuracy and performance of the network.


XPT offers its services in testing VOIP/SIP over the networks, bulk SIP call generation, Testing UA, Proxy, Redirect Server, verifying protocol compliance & Regression testing

XPT Offerings 

  • Quad Port Ethernet/IP Tests
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution) Protocol Tests
  • Software Ethernet Tests
  • WAN Network Emulator
  • IP Protocol Simulation and Message Automation
  • TDM / VoIP Gateway Tests
  • SIP Bulk Call Generator and Testing
  • RTP/RTCP Testing Tool
  • Testing EC on VoIP ATAs and Gateways   
  • Compliance Testing
  • IP Soft phone Testing 
  • VoIP Network Testing with GL's Media Gateway


XPT has experience in validating the IPV6 stack and traffic. XPT provide native support for IPV4 and IPV6 dual stack to validate infrastructure quickly before and after launch. Compliance tests for IPV6 are also performed.

XPT Offerings

  • IPv6 packet forwarding
  • IPv6 Fragmentation and Re-assembly
  • Processing of IPv6 Extension Headers
  • Path MTU Discovery  
  • Static route configuration
  • Neighbor Discovery protocol   

Data Traffic and Firewall Management

XPT has expertise in testing Firewall Performance and security on high load conditions. Expertise also span in putting content aware device techniques to test before the actual launch by creating specific mixes of drawn from many communications, social,enterprise and other protocols.

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