XPT Consultancy & Software Services Pvt Ltd.


Wireless Technologies

3GPP Wireless Modems

XPT has two decades
of experience working on various wireless products spanning across legacy and next generation technologies. We have strong capabilities in the development, testing, installation and sustenance of various wireless platforms.

XPT offerings

  • Development of Layer1/2/3 modem features based on 3GPP 36.3xx REL 8 standard
  • Feature Implementation and Integration on Multicore processor based modems.
  • Identification and implementation of 3GPP & OMA change requests and feature enhancements
  • AT Command Enhancements

Testing Services

  • Product testing
  • Protocol conformance and performance tests
  • Call Processing and Message Flow of standard tests,
  • AT Command Tests & RF Sensitivity Tests.
  • Interoperability Testing

CDMA Technology

XPT has experience in CDMA Protocol development/enhancement, Testing and Sustenance including CDMA2000 1X,   CDMA2000 1xEV-DO and CDMA2000 1xEV-DV.

Bluetooth & GPS

XPT’s connectivity services provide turnkey connectivity solutions that are reliable, scalable, leading-edge and designed to meet your real-time needs. XPT provides services to add upgrade or replace the connectivity components of a platform/design. Our offering is designed to strengthen the connectivity features of customer solutions in a short time without affecting other feature evolution.

XPT offerings

  • Security in Bluetooth modulation and frequency hopping processes, Bluetooth packet structure, error control options & Bluetooth profile
  • Baseband Signaling and its logical transport mechanism, Link Management using sniff, hold, and park modes
  • Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP) , Host Controller Interface , Short range wireless networks
  • Component development/enhancement
  • Platform integration
  • Testing and validation
  • Application development
  • Connectivity combo chip driver/middleware development and integration
  • Product experience in various protocol stacks
  • In-house testing tool and infrastructure for protocol stack modules
  • Create and execute test plans for protocol validation using Bluetooth specification 2.1 + EDR
  • Test automation scripts using Expect/Tcl and or Perl, C for regression tests, develop and Execute test plans and compile test reports for internal and external releases (enhanced data rate) and IEEE 802.15.2
  • XPT provides GPS testing services
  • XPT has the experienced staff with GPS testing capabilities and a fully anechoic chamber to support testing equipment for accurate results. Our quality testing and quick turnaround also helps you meet product cycle deadlines.

We provide testing support for  handsets and other devices which includes

  • GPS accuracy
  • GPS dynamic range
  • GPS sensitivity
  • GPS multipath accuracy
  • Moving scenario GPS accuracy


PT has expertise in Design, development and testing of MAC/R6/R8/Network related software for WiMAX BaseStation

XPT Offering

  • Hands on  in Debugging tools gdb,RTOS fundamentals (Tasks, IPC, priority, message queues etc)
  • Have good knowledge in the field of ME, SIM, NW components, architecture, topology, Technology (FDD,TDD),NAS architecture and hands-on experience in AS/NAS layers
  • Services in testing experience Unit Tests and Integration Tests, Conformance and Field Tests
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